About Davis Foot Comfort Center

What We Do

We listen to your frustrations about foot comfort, mobility, and meeting lifestyle needs, then offer personalized solutions based on affordability.

As pedorthists, we know feet, and we know footwear. We also know that formulaic solutions don’t work for everybody. At our comfortable facility, we offer creative solutions to chronic foot and footwear-related problems ranging from inexpensive shoe modifications or inserts to designing custom-made shoes and boots from scratch.

How We Work

We work by appointments to assure you of personal attention and privacy.

Although people are most often referred by a physician, many come to us through word-of-mouth or by finding us on the Internet. If you are under the care of a physician for your problem, it is beneficial to get a prescription so we can contact your doctor and include their input to your treatment plan. For third-party payment, a doctor’s prescription is mandatory.

General Pricing and Lead-Time Information

A one-hour consultation appointment is $75, and consists of an evaluation and a discussion of medical / foot history, lifestyle requirements, and costs. A consultation is recommended for someone who is not sure what they need or what options are available to them. Your pedorthic clinician will help determine the best course for you and make recommendations that best fit your needs and cost criteria. At no time will you be pressured into making a purchase.

If you place an order at the time of your consultation, the $75 will be applied towards your order provided it is for custom items only such as shoes, braces or inserts. If no order is placed, you will be paying the consultation fee only.

A 75% deposit is required for all custom orders and is due at the time the order is placed. The balance is due upon initial dispensing. Payment can be made by check, cash, Visa, MaserCard, or Discover Card.

Please be advised that casting and office visit charges are non-refundable, and at no time will a cash refund be made once production has been initiated on a custom order, which is about 1 to 2 weeks.

Approximate Pricing

Due to the individual nature of our services, we cannot always give specific price quotes, however, here is some of our general pricing information:

Ready-Made Shoes are $235 – $350/pair, not including the $75 fitting fee. (The $75 fee is waived if you purchase custom inserts with the shoes.)

Modifications to Ready-Made Shoes are a viable and much less expensive alternative to custom-made footwear and can range from $15 for stretching to much more extensive modifications that can cost $200 or more. We can make modifications to shoes that you purchase through us, or purchased elsewhere.

Custom Orthotic Devices prices range from $345 – $445/pair, plus a $140 casting charge. Casting is a one-time only charge, as long as you retain your molds, and multiple pairs of inserts can be made on the same cast. A 15% discount is given on the subsequent pairs when ordering 2 pairs at a time.

Custom Molded Shoes are priced according to the style and complexity; not everyone who comes in will need a pair of custom shoes.
  • San Francisco Molded Shoes (a process that was created by and is exclusive to Davis Foot Comfort Center) start at $1200 plus a casting and set-up fee of $200.
  • Custom Molded Shoes, which are basic and accommodative, start at $1800 plus a casting and set-up fee of $250.
  • Custom Made Footwear, hand-made by a European company, start at $2000. The average price for this type of footwear is typically about $2250, but can go as high as $3000 for certain types of boots. The casting and set up fees range from $350 – $450.
  • Office visit charges, when applicable, are $95 for 30 minutes or $140 for one hour.
  • Approximate Delivery Times

    We only inventory a small fitting stock of ready-made in-depth footwear, however we will gladly provide you with ready-made shoes from our fitting stock if they are the correct fit and style for you. Clients are free to purchase their shoes elsewhere, or bring in their existing shoes for us to modify or have their devices fit into.

    • Ready-Made Shoes are typically ordered from our vendors, and take about 2 weeks to arrive once the order is called in. The average appointment duration for placing a ready-made shoe order is 30 minutes. If we have a shoe in our fitting inventory that fits and is a style you like, we will, of course, let you take the shoes home that day.
    • Shoe modifications will depend on the complexity and how many other orders are being modified, however, delivery time is typically about 2 weeks. Ready-made shoes that have been ordered should be tried on before any modifications are done, as they are not returnable once they have been modified (or worn outside).
    • Custom Orthotic Devices take approximately 3 weeks from the time the order is placed. The average appointment duration for placing a custom insert order is 30 – 60 minutes, and involves a casting if this is a first order.
    • Custom Molded / Made Shoes fabrication takes approximately 8 – 12 weeks from the time the order is placed. The average appointment duration for placing a custom shoe order is 60 minutes, and involves a casting, if this is a first order, as well as taking measurements and choosing a style.

    Once your items are ready, you will be notified to schedule a dispense appointment, which will last about 30 – 60 minutes. During this appointment, we can address any fit and comfort issues that may arise, and you will not be expected to take your items home until they are comfortable.

    We offer 2 no-charge adjustment appointments within the first 2 months of receiving your custom items, and 1 no-charge visit within the first 1 month of receiving ready-made items, should you find that adjustments are necessary. Any additional visits for unresolved issues after the allotted number of visits and/or time frame are chargeable in 30 minute increments ($95 per 30 minutes, $140 for an hour). We may offer extra visits at no charge in situations where we deem it appropriate.

    In some cases, especially for those with complex foot conditions, results can be subjective and perfection can be elusive. We have a strong history, however, of working with you to reach the best possible outcome for your specific issues. If we deem it necessary, a remake may be provided if we are unable to resolve the issues on the initial product.

    Third-Party Payment

    A doctor’s prescription indicating a diagnosis, objectives, and suggested pedorthic modalities is necessary for any services covered by insurance. Routinely, Medicare and other insurance companies will only cover footwear and related services for people who have diabetes. The exceptions would be braces and footwear for work or battle-related injuries.

    The following agencies routinely cover our services:

    • Kaiser Permanente: Check your membership plan to see if you’re covered, but normally, therapeutic footwear is only a benefit for people with diabetes. Orthopedic appliances, such as braces, are covered when indicated.
    • Medicare: We will bill Medicare on your behalf after you’ve paid us in full for your order. Medicare allowable reimbursement will be sent directly to you. Once again, as with Kaiser and other medical insurance organizations, therapeutic footwear is only a benefit for people with diabetes. Orthopedic appliances, such as braces, are covered when indicated.
    • Workers Compensation: After your initial appointment, we bill your carrier; however, payment must first be received from your WC provider before production can begin. Although they may approve a benefit, the amount they are willing to pay may differ from our invoice, and this must be settled before we can incur the costs of fabrication.
    • Veterans Administration: See your doctor at the VA and ask about your footwear options. Authorization and purchase order must be received from the VA before production can commence.

    ** Davis Foot Comfort Center complies with appropriate provisions and requirements of the Healthcare Insurance Portability & Accountability Act.

    Arnie Davis C. Ped. – Founder

    Prior to founding his business in 1977, he was the director of the Shoe Clinic at the California College of Podiatric Medicine and has been a faculty member in the Department of Biomechanics at the California Podiatry School at Samuel Merritt College in Oakland.

    After a formal education in art and sculpture at California State University Northridge and the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, he apprenticed in custom shoemaking with a Hungarian Master Shoemaker in Pasadena. With his knowledge of shoemaking and his inherent understanding of body balance, he came to the California College of Podiatric Medicine in 1975 to learn foot biomechanics from the leading experts in the field in order to integrate this emerging science into the antiquated and dying craft of custom shoemaking. He became a Certified Pedorthist in 1981, and as a result of this ongoing professional and academic relationship with the Podiatry College, also became an educator and leader in the field of pedorthics, serving on the board of directors and executive board of the Pedorthic Footwear Association.

    He is the author of A Guide to Custom Shoe Therapy and of two chapters in the textbook Introduction to Pedorthics. He has chaired 2 national symposiums, and lectured nationally at seminars for Podiatry, Pedorthics, Orthopedic Surgery, and Orthotics / Prosthetics, and in 2010 was invited to speak at an orthopedic conference in Beijing China. He served as an expert witness in several lawsuits, and as a consultant on government funded shoe research projects for the VA, for the Research Triangle Institute, and for the University of North Carolina.

    For a more personal story, see the article published in the San Francisco Chronicle in January, 2011

    Our Team

    Although the team has changed and evolved over the past 4 decades, one thing has stayed the same — and that is our exceptionally high standards that were established by Arnie Davis at the beginning and remain our driving force today.

    Michael Abell, Clinical Pedorthist

    Amy Davis, Clinic Coordinator

    Natalie Davis-Tremayne, Graphic Designer

    Nancy Davis, Bookkeeper and Business Manager

    Greg Chello, Clinical Pedorthist

    Armando Flores, Orthopedic Shoemaker

    Derek Seitz, Orthopedic Shoe Technician